The Voice of my Father appeared as a vision and revealed a very specific life purpose: A mighty army needs to be raised and equipped - an end time army ready to do His will. We are a team of highly motivated and dedicated warriors in Christ, specialist soldiers of the King and under His command, standing in unity of the faith as conquerors to do the service of our Master, Jesus the Christ. If you are in need of a place to belong, a TRUE FAMILY and where TRUST is the essence of our working in service together, then act on that urge inside of you! If you want to change your current circumstances, change your life to be more effective and joyful, if you need to know and understand why you are on this earth at this very specific time - contact us!!READ MORE


Father’s Voice is an anointed ministry vehicle that functions nationwide, and with the main aim to reach the South African nation wherever they are, irrespective of race, gender or age. We are called to effect massive positive impact and change in the lives of those we visit. We are taking hands with other individuals, movements and bodies who share with us a unity in the faith of Jesus the Christ and the powerful manifestation of the Holy Spirit in us.READ MORE


Father’s Voice is preparing the Bride of Christ through effective ministering of the Word of God in Spirit and Truth, ministering in the Holy Spirit and work of the Spirit through prophesies, healing and other spiritual gifts. Our main focus is the body of Christ. We acknowledge that we are many members but of the same body which is Christ, and He is the only Head. This is done effectively through, dedicated and focused seminars, camps, meetings and retreats whereby the Truth of the “Christ IN me” revelation is taught, gifts of the Holy Spirit is ministered and people are activated and raised into their respective gifts so ALL can become the person God planned and made them to be.READ MORE


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