Father’s Voice is a ministry vehicle that function nationwide, and with the main aim to reach the South African citizen wherever he/she is, irrespective of race, gender or age.

As we have a national calling, and focused on the body of Christ as a whole, we see an accurate picture of what the body looks like. We experience the lack of knowledge the average Christian man has, and the traditions, lies and false motives many has fallen into. For this specific reason, and in order to change that by sowing love, integrity and the character of Christ, a ‘neutral’ vehicle, not bound to a specific church denomination, was established to fulfil this task.

Father’s Voice acknowledges the importance of being under the protection and authority of a 5-fold ministry structure as the Word describes in Eph 4:11 and we operate as such.  


In order for any movement to be effective and successful there needs to be a structured combination of things that needs to work together in order to establish unity. This movement also needs to have the ability to create stability and TRUST in places where there is none. We want to influence and change South Africa radically and to a point of turn-around which can only be done through the powerful manifestation of the Word into, firstly the lives of people, and then all other spheres of life.


The MAIN and CORE AIM is that people will understand the truth, power and value of Christ who resides IN them who believes. Many Christians today might claim they understand this topic, but their lives shows differently. To establish a standard so we, the body of Christ, can come into the unity of the faith – Eph 1 & 4. There is a SPECIFIC faith! There is ONE gospel as there is only one God. The moment we establish the body of Christ into UNITY of this understanding, all other spheres of life will fall into place. This is the essence of how change will come. This is the revelation and activating power! - THIS is the end-time message and should be the focus!

We are aiming for excellence and by leading an offence against all unrighteousness we will prevail. We are bringing the body of Christ into alignment and then equip leadership in order to disciple effectively. We are setting up leaders (warriors and generals) to take possession of their respective areas and then teach them to reproduce (disciple) effectively. We are aiming for strong sustainability.