Join a GROUP (Home Fellowships)

South Africa

The time has come for this nation (YOU) to raise up as a mighty warrior! We are making ready, carefully preparing ourselves, to go into battle with the enemy that is not physical, but SPIRITUAL. We all need to be trained and ready, especially on a spiritual level, KNOWING how to use you spiritual weapons as our weapons are NOT carnal, but spiritual and mighty by the Sword (Word) of God! 

Small groups known as "Home Fellowship Groups" are forming all over South Africa. Within these groups we train our spiritual senses, find our true Identity in Christ and excersize our faith together with the mighty gifts that has been given to us - for those who has the knowledge. It therefore MATTERS WHAT YOU KNOW!! In these groups we equip and train. We build up the body of Christ and we create fathers much needed in this nation.

In order to become part of this army, this anointed people of God, send an e-mail in order to request more information and so that we can help you. 

DO NOT become part of those who only sit around and only take part in gossip and negative words, waiting for others to do something, take action!

NOW is the time and we are ready to assist you.