Father’s Voice is preparing the Bride of Christ through effective ministering of the Word of God in Spirit and Truth. This is done effectively through a Spirit filled seminar whereby the Truth of the “Christ IN me” revelation is taught, gifts of the Holy Spirit is ministered and people are discipled into their respective gifts and purpose. Our focus is people, the body of Christ, so we all can come into the unity of the faith and full understanding of Him. We equip all to become the person God planned and made them to be.

A seminar is held over a few days as we bring Word in revelation, but then also ACTIVATE each person into his/her purpose. A very specific seminar, the “Christ Blue Print” revelation or seminar is then ministered to all. Everyone is welcome (men, women, children 13 years and older). During the seminar we will:

  • bring revelation knowledge of Christ in Truth and Spirit and the understanding of His fullness in us
  • teach the revelation of "Christ in us" from the moment you got saved
  • teach what happened at the cross, and thereafter
  • teach God’s MASTER PLAN for us all
  • we help you to set up an unfaillable SUSTAINABILITY PLAN where you can belong and grow further

Father's Voice spend many hours dedicating time to uplift spiritual elders, with a strong focus on youth and schools, bringing radical impact to teachers and scholars, visiting Governmental institutions and leadership, impacting them with the Word of reconciliation and Truth.



  • Seminars all over South Africa bringing a "toolbox" of spiritual- and leadership tools to choose from
  • A very strong sustainability plan, a place where there is no condemnation, no pressure and where TRUST is built
  • We bring a 'platform' where you can rest, but also grow, a safe place to get to know Christ better, and yourself more
  • Equipping of Leaders into their purpose, to become fathers in communities - edifying the body of Christ
  • Teaching Strategies to enhance YOUR ministry into a new best level
  • Bringing the Word of God in Spirit and Truth, revelations into the secrets of God
  • teaching on operating in Spiritual gifts
    • prophetic
    • praise and worship and healing
    • how to pray effectively and intersession
    • other operational assistance, guidance and planning